Technology Product nerd.




Hi! My name is Alexis and I spend my waking hours as a Technology Professional and Yoga Instructor in Vancouver. As a Technology Professional, I enable software product teams to deliver world class customer experiences. I do this by combining what I know about technology product, software development and agile best practices. 




As a Yoga Instructor, I take the lessons I learn about people from projects, TED talks, books, journals, articles and everyday anecdotes in my personal practice into my classes. My teaching focuses on being playful in accessible sequences with a strong focus on connecting the body and mind. 

I truly believe humans are multi-dimensional. As you explore you'll notice I will talk about my love for food, quirky exercises on data analysis, current reads or fun finds and, of course, more yoga! 



Professional Profile

Building seamless, scalable technology products is a team sport. My colleagues come from a vast range of personal and professional backgrounds and I am very fortunate to work with incredibly talented people. Core to how I like to approach problem solving is summarized below


  • Understand the Vision - Start with why. A clear and well-articulated common goal goes a long way. The north star helps the team figure out how to get there. Then, co-create with colleagues, and customers and look for ways to innovate on tactics by leveraging diverse perspectives.

  • Build the Team - Lean on the expertise of the team’s diverse skill sets and experiences and learn from new ones together. Let people bring their whole selves to the table, corny jokes and all. Trust in the power of collective brains to solve problems in new ways (and add the occasional product easter egg for good measure)


  • Set Expectations - Set expectations on team (or multi-team) norms around the shared vision and discuss what it means to collaborate. Be clear on commitments or communicate as soon as you know you’ll miss the mark. Share learnings as much as possible - good, bad and ugly.

  • Learn Iteratively - Stay curious by reading good books, eating good food, asking odd questions, leveraging others’ experiences, experimenting with new thoughts/processes/ideas. Spend time in silence, check in with yourself and listen, constantly.





First and foremost, much love to Sonic Yoga's Lauren Hanna, Tracy Mohr and Jeffrey Duval who taught me how to guide students in the incredible journey of yoga. To the countless teachers at Yyoga who have been part of my journey since day 1.

Driven by curiosity, I found my yoga practice in 2010, and have been hooked ever since. In the spirit of wanting to deepen my practice, I had traveled to Costa Rica for my 200-hour certification but realized I found joy in sharing just as much as I did in practicing and the rest is history. I spend my teaching hours helping students integrate the mind and body, inspired through Popular Science, TED talks and everyday off-the-mat yogic anecdotes. Inspired by curiosity, I spend time continuously deepening my practice and ability to share it with others through various workshops, books, articles, and other teachers' classes.




A good part of what I do relies on building cohesive communities and teams. I have found that giving back to causes that have helped shaped who I am to be tremendously rewarding. Below is a select list of past/current community involvement. I support initiatives in the health and wellness, female youth and economic empowerment spaces.